If there is something that has freaked

Fairly Tiny Liars

fans out more than Dr. Rollins’ gross, bloody face in Hanna’s automobile car windows, oahu is the simple fact that Jason and Charlotte dated before Jason discovered that she ended up being their cousin. The reveal that Jason’s ex-girlfriend “Cece Drake” was Charlotte DiLaurentis arrived throughout the period 6A finale, and the proven fact that

Quite Little Liars

went down the pseudo incest route made enthusiasts super, very uneasy (i am talking about, Jason already made down together with his half-sister, Melissa) plus the reveal that Charlotte was just Jason’s biological relative did not make circumstances better. Now, another principle from Reddit user TippyIsA shows that, probably, Jason and Charlotte’s union was not that gross —


‘s Jason could be gay.

I’m Sure what you’re thinking — “Huh? Where in fact the heck did any person have that theory from?” Well, a gay male personality has actually in fact already been rumored getting revealed on

Pretty Tiny Liars

for quite some time today. Based on televisionLine, the show had expected to
introduce its basic male gay character on


during month 5B,
nevertheless the storyline never ever caused it to be to air. It’s possible the figure the tv show’s writers had been toying with finished up acquiring a different tale arc instead, but it is in addition possible that the show used down on revealing the smoothness for tale reasons. Could we nevertheless be waiting on Jason’s display since the show really wants to allow it to be a large surprise that Jason never ever in fact had any sort of real connection with Charlotte?

Showrunner I. Marlene King features hinted that people’ll get a display that can
generate fans feel a whole lot much better in regards to the Charlotte/Jason union
at Paleyfest, stating:

“There is a bit more for the Jason-CeCe matchmaking tale, to ensure that’s a tease… You haven’t heard the complete story of this. You will possibly not state ‘gross’ by the end regarding the tale.”

Considering that this interview took place before the unveil that Charlotte and Jason were cousins, and not siblings, possibly that is what King had been discussing. Still, no incest is much better than “less icky” incest, generally there’s also the potential that this actually what she meant. One concept which may align with Charlotte and Jason’s relationship not being thus “gross” would be if Jason “dated” Charlotte to hide the truth that he had been online dating a man or questioning his intimate positioning. If Jason wanted an excuse never to strike on women all summer, fake-dating Charlotte might-have-been one way to do it. Offered Charlotte’s remarkable capacity to spin myths and flat-out rest, she’d probably create a fantastic artificial girl.

We understand that Jason provides hook up with women in days gone by (see: Ashley Marin) so it’s likely that this idea is merely that — a theory. However, it’s also feasible Jason identifies as bisexual, which we totally need even more dudes to do on TV,
because bi erasure is


Actually, however, we’ll just take any concept that produces Jason dating his or her own sibling/cousin much less



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